• Surpasses the competition with 50 micron calibrated readability standard ( i.e. higher resolution for both rat and mouse stereotaxis)
  • Easy to read calibrated knobs on all three axes
  • Innovative tilt-and-swivel mechanism, with hard stops at 0 degrees tilt and swivel
  • Open “C” frame provides access from all sides of the instrument
  • Full micrometer style (vs. competitor’s vernier style) control over anterior-posterior, dorsal-ventral, lateral-medial axes
  • 3 mm movement per knob revolution
  • Optional high resolution 10 micron readability (1mm/revolution) lead screw available (call for pricing and part number)
  • Engraved scales on all three axes
  • Tilt-and-swivel manipulator with 90° tilt and 360° swivel facilitates non-perpendicular implants
  • Dupont™ Corion® scratch and stain resistant, thermal and electrical insulating base
  • 80 mm travel on all axes
  • Two stainless steel ear bars with 35 mm of calibration.  18 degree tip.
  • Includes rat incisor adapter with 30 mm of calibration
  • Optional mouse incisor adapter available (call for pricing and part number)
  • Includes EH-100 electrode holder
  • Compatible with BASi probe & guide holders (and MD-1521 rod)
  • Compatible with other manufactures animal adaptors and electrode holders
  • Optional syringe and pipette holders available (call for pricing and part number)
  • Optional dual micromanipulator model available (call for pricing and part number)

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Stereotaxic Frame