The BASi Raturn system utilizes a unique movement-responsive action to prevent the tangling of inlet and outlet lines. The unique Raturn approach typically allows running contiguous lines to your animal.  See how the Raturn differs from a liquid swivel.

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Stand-Alone Raturn Systems

Raturn Microdialysis Stand-Alone System MD-1404 (rats), MD-1409 (mice)


  • Quiet animal movement responsive caging system.
  • The Raturn does not cause, or force, the animal to move.
  • Permits continuous connection to the subject, reducing dead volume and increasing the number of connections that can be made.
  • Includes Raturn Controller, Stainless Steel Platform with Support Stand, Motor, Balance Arm and Tether Assembly, Replacement O-rings, and Rat Collars.
  • Raturn caging ordered separately. Works best with Bowl Cage, Bowl Cage Kit, Stackable Cage, or Stackable Cage Kit. Compare caging options.
  • With the addition of a Mouse Tether (MD-1460R) can be used for either species.


Raturn Metabolic Stand Alone System MD-1407

StandAlone MET

  • Permits simultaneous collection of urine and feces while on the Raturn System.
  • Small footprint saves bench space.
  • Includes Raturn Controller, Stainless Steel Raised Platform with Support Stand and Funnel Holder, Motor, Balance Arm and Tether Assembly, Replacement O-rings, and Rat Collars.
  • Does not include caging. Works best with Metabolic Rat Cage Kit (MD-1470) or the Metabolic Mouse Cage Kit (MD-1700). Compare Caging Options.

Rodent Workstation


The Rodent Workstation is a space-efficient solution for your multiple awake animal studies.

  • Freestanding cart with individual housing for up to four animals.
  • Locking wheels allow easy transport from lab to lab or during room cleaning.
  • Power strips connect all component instruments on the cart so that the entire system can be turned on using two switches.
  • The caging system is based on the use of the BASi Raturn, an interactive system which allows freedom of movement in all directions.
  • Your existing stand-alone Raturns can be added to your Rodent Workstation.
  • Raturn caging ordered separately. BASi recommends the Stackable Cage or Stackable Cage kit for microdialysis experiments, or see our other Caging Options.
  • Add-on refrigerated, micro-volume BASi Fraction Collectors. These collectors are used during microdialysis experiments or can be repurposed and used for automated blood collection.
  • The Rodent Workstation can be upgraded to a full Culex Automated Blood Sampling System.


Raturn® Sampling Caging Systems