When you choose to use BASi quality probes for brain microdialysis, you will need a probe clamp and clamp rod for your stereotaxic frame. The clamp rod readily attaches to a Kopf, Stoelting, or ASI stereotaxic frame. Both types of Probe Clamps utilize the Clamp Rod.  If you have the BASi Calibration Station for probe wetting and in vitro recoveries, you already have two clamps. If you are switching probes, these clamps fit on a CMA/130.

List of products

MD-1520 Probe Clamp for BR Probes, each


MD-1521 Clamp Rod for Kopf, Stoelting, or ASI Stereotaxic Frame, each


MD-1523 Probe Clamp for MBR Probes, each


MD-1522 Calibration Station with 2 MD-1520 BR Style Probe Clamps


MD-1524 Calibration Station with 2 MD-1523 MBR Style Probe Clamps


Inquire Clamp Rod for other Stereotaxic Frames


Probe Clamps & Rod