Liquid swivels provide a simplistic approach to awake animal infusion and sampling. If you desire more flexibility in your experimental design options, or would like to monitor animal behavior while sampling, then find out more about the Raturn® Sampling Caging system. View a comparison of Liquid Swivels and the Raturn.

  • The BASi swivel based system includes the base, cage, dual channel swivel, balanced arm, vials and tubing. See here to find out about Culex automated blood sampling on a swivel based system
  • Create swivel connections with almost any pump, tubing, or collector.
  • Tether support holds vials while collecting from 1 or 2 probes.
  • The MD-1570 Teflon Swivel System
    • Swept volumes of 4.5 µL and ~ 1.5 µL for the swivel side and center channels respectively.
    • Recommended swivel for retrodialysis studies

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List of products

MD-1570 Liquid Swivel-based sampling containment system for awake animals.
Includes: Base, MD-1500 Bowl, MD-1515 Bowl lid,  MD-1505 Dual channel Teflon lined liquid swivel, Balanced arm w/ Rat Tether,  MF-5371 rat collars, MR-1505 Water tube, MR-5271 plastic sample collection vials, MF-5164 FEP tubing,  MD-1510 flanged tubing connectors


MD-1500 Microdialysis bowl kit (for use with rats or mice)


MD-1515 CulexRaturn – Lid for round bottom bowl


MF-5371 CulexRaturn – replacement rat collars


MD-1505 Teflon-lined 2-channel liquid swivel


MD-1509 Tether wire assembly with vial support


MD-1510 Flanged tubing connectors – clear


MD-5271 250 uL plastic sample vials – 6 x 35 mm


MF-5164 FEP Teflon tubing-0.65mm OD x 0.12mm ID, microdialysis


MR-1055 Water tube – glass w/glass sipper for round bottom bowl


Liquid Swivel Sampling Caging