These compact, glass-bodied reference electrodes are available in two styles. The 7.5 cm long RE-5B reference electrode is used for voltammetry and polarography experiments using the C-2 and C-3 Cell Stands, the CGME Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode, the RDE-1 and RDE-2 Rotating Disk Electrodes, and the LCM Low Current Module. The shorter (3 cm) RE-6 reference electrode is used with the CC-5 Cross-Flow Thin-Layer Flow Cell. Both electrodes have a 6 mm OD glass body, and use a porous junction (frit) made from either ceramic (RE-6) or Vycor (RE-5B). (Note that, due to the high resistance of the ceramic frit, the RE-6 electrode is only recommended for aqueous electrolytes.) Both electrodes can be used to suspend three reference electrodes in the salt solution while protecting the connecting pins and wires from corrosion. If you are doing HPLC with electrochemical detection, go to the LC-EC reference electrode page.

A double junction reference electrode can be set up using an RE-5B reference electrode with the glass chamber MF-2030. This chamber also has a Vycor frit, which must be maintained as described in the previous paragraph.

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RE-5B Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode with Flexible Connector

RE-5B Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode with Flexible Connector (3/pkg)

RE-6 Reference Electrodes (3/pkg)

Storage vial for Ag/AgCl reference electrodes (Aqueous only)

Glass tube with porous Vycor tip

Double-junction reference electrode chamber

Porous Vycor Tips 1/8″ long (5/pkg.) with 1/2″ lengths of Teflon heat shrink (6/pkg.)

Porous Vycor Rod 1/8″ dia, 10cm long (currently unavailable)

Teflon heat shrink tubing, ~4mm OD x 30cm

O-ring, 1/4″, 12/pkg

Silver Wire, 0.5mm dia., 12″ (30cm) long

Note: The RE-1 (MF-2020 and MF-2024) reference electrode has been discontinued: please order the RE-5B reference electrode instead.

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