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  • A simplified version of the Culex®NxT system, best for those who wish to collect only blood samples
  • An uncomplicated system with user-friendly software
  • CulexNotify® Wireless notifications (SMS and email)
  • This compact system can be used in almost any lab space
  • Best for small animals and small sample volumes. For large animals such as swine and primates, we offer the Culex-L ABC

Animal Welfare

  • Automated, stress-free, hands-off sampling
  • Sample volumes from 5µL – 1mL for small animal sampling without detrimental health effects
  • Fluid replacement at each sampling time point

Human Benefits

  • Hands-off sampling reduces risk of technician injury
  • Freedom from time-consuming manual sampling
  • Software and hardware are easy to set up, use, and clean
  • Operates unattended day and night, collecting samples any time

Equipment Specifications

  • User-defined volumes permit using a variety of swivels, catheters, and tethering systems
  • Can be used with a home cage set-up
  • Small footprint to suit any lab size
  • Multiple systems controlled from a single computer with individual user-defined methods
  • The Culex®NxT ABC can be fully integrated with the standard Culex®NxT system

Culex®NxT ABC