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  • Sample from rats, mice other small rodents, and now large animals anytime day or night
  • User defined method allows for undiluted samples
  • Continuous lines from the animal means that almost any connection device can be used including temperature probes, ECG leads and implantable blood pressure transducers.
  • Samples are collected into chilled (4°C), sealed vials
  • Little or no handling means less stress for animals and technicians


  • CulexNotify® Wireless notifications (SMS and email)
  • Programmable blood volumes from 5uL to 1.5mL
  • Automatically generated reports for dosing and sampling equipment
  • Pause and Stat features make software user-friendly
  • Control individual sampling methods for up to 4 animals from one computer


  • Sampling line is sterile and disposable
  • Rinse® program allows tubing sets to be reused
  • Waste materials can be completely contained with our Waste Containment Kits
  • Setup for each experiment is completed within 10 minutes, and cleanup is even faster

Animal Health

  • Animals are conscious and freely moving
  • Software displays total blood volume to be sampled and helps you stay IACUC compliant
  • “Tend” function maintains catheter patency with microflush of sterile saline
  • Blood samples are replaced with an equivalent volume of saline.