The bipotentiostat (BiStat) is a hardware option that enables a second working electrode (WE2) with programmable potential offset wrt RE or WE1. It is used for various applications, including rotating ring disc electrode (RRDE) measurements. The bipotentiostat is fully integrated in the potentiostatic Sweep and Transient methods. Its data is recorded simultaneously with the primary channel and can be represented in the same plot using a secondary axis, or in a separate plot. The maximum scanrate or minimum interval times are the same as for the primary channel

Specific parameters:

● 2 configurations

♦ „standard”: WE2 at a fixed potential w.r.t. RE
♦ „scanning”: WE2 at a fixed offset potential w.r.t. the primary WE

● Applied offset potential range ±2.0 V

● Applied potential resolution 0.0625 mV

● Compliance voltage ±2.0 V w.r.t. primary WE

● Maximum current ±30 mA

● Current ranges 1 pA to 10 mA in 11 ranges (lower 4 ranges use gain amplifier)

● Measured current resolution 0.076 % of current range, and 0.0000023% using gain amplifier

● Minimum current resolution 0.15 fA

● Data acquisition simultaneously with primary WE1, 100 kHz max.

● Programmable response filter 1 MHz, 100 kHz, 10 kHz, 1 kHz, 10 Hz


To check if BipotentioStat is compatible with your designated instrument, click here.