The VC-2 Voltammetry Cell assembly (MF-1052) can be used to hold the test sample and BASi electrodes when a C-3 Cell Stand is not available. The Teflon® top includes a platinum wire auxiliary electrode with gold connecting pin. This electrode can be removed and replaced if it becomes worn. BASi reference and working electrodes, which must be ordered separately, fit into holes in the top. Both these electrodes are positioned in the vial by use of the O-rings which accompany them. The vial can hold 10-20 mL of sample solution. Teflon tubing for a gas purge/blanket line is also provided.

If you are sample-limited, a special MicroVolume Voltammetry Cell (MF-1065) is available for sample volumes as small as 50 µL. The VC-2 cell shown is modified to include a glass vessel with a salt bridge, in the position normally occupied by the voltammetry working electrode. The small volume sample is placed in this glass vessel and a small (MCPE) carbon paste working electrode is lowered into the vessel. The vessel is then placed in a larger vial, together with the reference and auxiliary electrodes. The package includes the carbon paste electrode, carbon paste, the reference and auxiliary electrodes, as well as both glass vessels.

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List of products

MF-1052 VC-2 Voltammetry Cell includes Teflon Cell Top with Platinum Wire Auxiliary Electrode, Teflon Tubing, and 7 Vials

MF-1083Replacement Cell Vial (12 each)


MW-4130Replacement Platinum Wire Auxiliary Electrode with Gold-Plated Connector


MF-1065MicroVolume Voltammetry Cell, with one glass sample vessel, one glass vial, Teflon top, inert gas purge line, MCPE carbon paste voltammetry electrode, carbon paste, platinum wire auxiliary electrode, Ag/AgCl reference electrode, and manual


BASi VC-2 Voltammetry Cell