BASi Syringe Pumps offer excellent performance, flexibility and price.

  • BASi Syringe Pumps are modular systems that consist of a syringe drive and a drive controller
  • Compact  syringe pump drive (3 X 23 cm). Ideal for limited space applications.
  • Reliably delivers flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 500 µL/min utilizing 10 µL to 5.0 mL syringes (Gastight Syringes recommended)
  • A stepper motor and precise lead screw provide smooth, constant flow from start to finish
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects both the drive mechanism and syringes
  • Can hold up to three syringes when used with the optional bracket (MD-1002)

Bee-1BASi Syringe Pump Drive (shown with optional syringe)

  • The syringe pump drive is separate from the controller to provide flexibility. Controller choices include a single connection to the Worker Controller or the Hive Controller which controls up to four syringe pump drives.
  • When used with the Hive controller, the syringe drive can be positioned up to 10′ (3.0 meters) from the Controller
  • If desired, the syringe pump drive may be mounted on a variety of surfaces via the magnetic base or keyhole slot on the bottom.

Bee-3Syringe Pump Drive (shown with optional 3 syringe bracket and syringes)

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List of products

MD-1001 BASi Syringe Pump Drive


MD-1002 3-Syringe Bracket for BASi Syringe Pump Drive


MD-1000 Worker Syringe Pump Controller (controls 1 syringe drive)


MD-1020 Hive Syringe Pump Controller (controls 4 syringe drives)


MDN-0050 500 µL Gastight Syringe


MDN-0100 1.0 mL Gastight Syringe


MDN-0250 2.5 mL Gastight Syringe


BASi Syringe Pumps