Perfect for Microdialysis sampling!  Save time and reduce headaches when you go automated with the BASi Refrigerated Fraction Collector. This multifunction, easy-to-use equipment will help make your lab more efficient.

  • Reproducibly collect 5 to 200 µL samples (to collect up to  1.5 mLs, see the BASi Large Volume Refrigerated Fraction Collector).
  • Toggleable refrigeration chills up to 48 fractions at 4°C
  • Simple method setup via front panel keypad and LCD. Determine collection interval, number of samples, cooling on/off, and optional start delay time.
  • Collect fractions from up to two sources (with addition of optional second needle)
  • Passivated collection needle(s)
  • Borosolicate glass (6X32mm) or plastic vials (6X35mm) with or without caps collect sample volumes from 5 to 250 µL
  • Collects samples into open or capped resealing vials (use MF-5272 crimp caps below)
  • Open architecture allows removal or replacement of vials during operation
  • Entire carousel is removed easily for transfer of vials to storage or another process
  • Vials can quickly be labeled with the optional CHADs for Vials™ Labeling System

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List of products

MD-1201 BASi Refrigerated Fraction Collector with one MW-2304 glass vial carousel and one MW-2310 sampling needle (order another MW-2310 for dual sample collection).


MW-2304 Spare carousel for glass sample vials.


MF-5270 300 µL borosilicate glass sample vials (6 x 32 mm), 1000/pkg.


MF-5272 Caps with resealing double-sided Teflon/silicone crimp seals for MF-5270, 1000/pkg.


MF-5274 Crimper for MF-5272 seals and MF-5270 vials.


MW-2307 Optional carousel for plastic sample vials.


MF-5271 250 µL plastic sample vials (6 x 35 mm), 1000/pkg. (Note: Plastic sample vials can either be sealed like glass vials, using MF-5272 and MF-5274, or capped with MF-5273 snap-on caps.


MF-5273 Plastic caps for MF-5271 or MF-5270 vials. Be advised that although snap-on caps are more convenient, they may create more wear on the needle)


CX-5060 Plastic vial cap removal tool


MW-2310 Complete sampling needle assembly. Required for dual sampling option.


Automated Fraction Collection – Microvolume