The “Large Volume” Refrigerated Fraction Collector (LVFC) collects up to 1.5 mL volume samples in microcentrifuge and other style vials.  In contrast, the microdialysis oriented Microvolume Fraction Collector collects a maximum volume of 250 µL.

This multifunction, easy-to-use equipment will help make your lab more efficient.

  • Collects samples from 50µL to 1.5mL
  • Toggleable refrigeration chills up to 26 samples at 4°C
  • Simple method setup via front panel keypad and LCD. Determine collection interval, number of samples, cooling on/off, and optional start delay time.
  • Several vial types available
  • Open architecture allows removal or replacement of vials during operation
  • Entire carousel is removed easily for transfer of vials to storage or another process
  • Vials can quickly be labeled with the optional „Chads” Collection Vial Labeling System
  • Unlike BASi’s microvolume fraction collector which can collect into two separate vials each from a different source, the LVFC collects into a single vial.
  • An optional concentric dual cannula needle can be used to add reagents into the vial or to divert user anticipated vial overflow.  (Note that the larger OD concentric cannula is 1” (2.54 cm) shorter than the other needle, and so it actually delivers/fills 1” above the tip of the other needle via the gap between the two concentric cannulae).

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List of products

MD-1202 BASi Large Volume Refrigerated Fraction Collector with carousel. Note: No collection needle included. Select from one of the needles below.


MW-2309S Sample collection needle.  Small bore (22 Ga OD, 0.011” (0.28 mm) ID).  Sterile.


CX-5036 Concentric dual cannula Sample Collection LVFC Needle: (21 Ga OD, 0.020” (0.50 mm) ID and 19 Ga OD with effective 0.010” (0.25 mm) ID)


MF-5263 LVFC Microcentrifuge Vial – 1.5 mL (Caps not included. See MF-5264 for caps)  500/pkg.


MF-5264 LVFC Microcentrifuge Vial Cap (See MF-5263 for vials)  1000/pkg.


MF-5268 LVFC Resealing 1 mL vials.  100/pkg.


MW-2308 Spare carousel for LVFC


MW-2315 Optional small vial (250/300 µL) carousel for LVFC Fraction Collector


Automated Fraction Collection – Large Volume