VC-2 Voltammetry Cell

The VC-2 Voltammetry Cell assembly (MF-1052) can be used to hold the test sample and BASi® electrodes when a C-3 Cell Stand is not available. The Teflon® top includes a platinum wire auxiliary electrode with gold connecting pin. This electrode can be removed and replaced if it becomes worn. BASi® reference and working electrodes, which must be ordered separately, fit into holes in the top. Both these electrodes are positioned in the vial by use of the O-rings which accompany them. The vial can hold 10-20 mL of sample solution. Teflon tubing for a gas purge/blanket line is also provided.

If you are sample-limited, a special MicroVolume Voltammetry Cell (MF-1065) is available for sample volumes as small as 50 µL. The VC-2 cell shown is modified to include a glass vessel with a salt bridge, in the position normally occupied by the voltammetry working electrode. The small volume sample is placed in this glass vessel and a small (MCPE) carbon paste working electrode is lowered into the vessel. The vessel is then placed in a larger vial, together with the reference and auxiliary electrodes. The package includes the carbon paste electrode, carbon paste, the reference and auxiliary electrodes, as well as both glass vessels.


 VC-2 Voltammetry Cell Kit

Part Number Description

VC-2 Voltammetry Cell Kit:
 Glass cell vials (7) (MR-5255)
 Cell top with platinum auxiliary electrode and 1/16” OD Teflon tubing

 VC-2 Voltammetry Cell Components

Part Number Description
CF-1010 Carbon paste (1 g)
MF-2042 VC-2 low volume sample chamber with CoralPor frit
MF-2052 Ag/AgCl reference electrode
MR-5255 VC-2 glass cell vial

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