LM35 Temperature Sensor


Monitor your experimental parameters all the time with this temperature sensor.

Temperature can have a huge impact on diffusion and kinetics during an electrochemical reaction. This temperature sensor allows the user to monitor the temperature during his/her experiment and record it via PSTrace. The convenient two point calibration allows you to precisely calibrate the sensor for the needed temperature range.  The LM35 temperature sensor for EmStat Blue and PalmSens3 as well as PalmSens4 is connected to the AUX port (Note: The standard EmStat does not have an AUX port).

The calibration curve shows a linear slope of + 10 mV/°C with 0.5°C Ensured Accuracy (at 25°C). It is rated for full 2°C to 150°C range. The sensor has low self-heating (0.08°C in still air).

More information, including dimensions can be found in this document: Using the LM35 with PSTrace

LM35 – strona producenta

LM35 – katalog