FuelCell® And FCView®

FuelCell®  software is designed to control or monitor virtually all of the parameters of an operating PEM type fuel cell or stack and perform a wide variety of experiments. It is technology independent and may also be used with DMFC, PAFC, MCFC or SOFC type fuel cells. FuelCell®  software is the most popular software in use worldwide for fuel cell research and development. FCView is a powerful utility for analyzing, graphing, and comparing data collected from FuelCell® . Basic modeling functions are also included. CView can be used to analyze Cyclic Voltammetry and other DC data collected from FuelCell® .


  • Apply and control a current, voltage, or power load on the fuel cell under test
  • Measure fuel cell impedance at full operating current (requires additional hardware)
  • Operate the purge and fuel gas streams for a PEM type fuel cell
  • Control fuel cell test fixture and gas humidification temperatures
  • Scale fuel cell parameters for area, current, and operating voltage
  • Monitor performance over a wide range of time intervals
  • Display data using a wide variety of axis formats
  • Observe fuel cell performance through cell resistance and Tafel slope measurement
  • Save data files and experimental setup parameters to disk
  • Run with, or without, fuel gas control
  • Select from 13 preset graphs, or create graphs from any of 11 variables and time
  • Data easily imported into a wide range of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel
  • Built-in impedance measurement software

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