Elektrody pracujące

These disk electrodes are small and easy to use. All are manufactured in a solvent-resistant PCTFE plastic body (7.5 cm length x 6 mm OD) which is embedded with highly polished disks of various electrode materials (glassy carbon, gold, platinum, palladium, nickel, or silver). There is also an electrode body designed for use with carbon paste (also available from BASi) or new composite materials of your own design and an electrode body designed as a working electrode holder with an alligator clip. A brass rod (1/16”) mounted in the plastic body of the electrode is used to connect these electrodes to an appropriate instrument using either an alligator clip or a 0.060″ gold-plated female connector (MF-2004). Each electrode comes with a silicon O-ring which fits snugly on the plastic body. By rolling the O-ring to different positions, you can change the depth of the electrode mounted in an electrochemical cell. Surfaces are polished to a mirror finish and easily maintained with the BASi® PK-4 polishing kit, which is sold separately.

In addition to the standard electrodes listed, we offer custom fabrication using this same basic design and other materials (aluminum, iridium, titanium, tantalum, etc.).



Part Number Description
MF-2013 Platinum Electrode (Pt) – 1.6 mm diameter (1.651mm-1.626mm), 99.95% purity
MF-2113 Platinum Electrode (Pt) – 3.0 mm diameter (2.997mm-2.972mm), 99.95% purity
MF-2067 (for RDE) Platinum Electrode (Pt) for BASi RDE-2 Cell Stand – 3.0 mm diameter


Part Number Description
MF-2014 Gold Electrode (Au) – 1.6 mm diameter (1.651mm-1.626mm), 99.95% purity
MF-2114 Gold Electrode (Au) – 3.0 mm diameter (2.997mm-2.972mm), 99.95% purity
MF-2068 (for RDE) Gold Electrode (Au) for BASi RDE-2 Cell Stand – 3.0 mm diameter

Glassy Carbon

Part Number Description
MF-2012 Glassy Carbon Electrode (GC)  – 3.0 mm diameter (2.997mm-2.972mm)
MF-2066 (for RDE) Glassy Carbon (GC) for BASi RDE-2 Cell Stand – 3.0 mm diameter

Carbon Paste

Part Number Description
MF-2010 Electrode Body – 2.87 mm ID ; purchase CF-1010 carbon paste separately.
MF-2065 Blank RDE Tip for BASi RDE-2 Cell Stand – 3.0 mm diameter cavity
CF-1010 Carbon Paste (CPO) (1 g): paste of uniform graphite particles mixed with a paraffin binder (for use in aqueous media)

Carbon Foam with Graphite Rod

Part Number Description
 MW-4133  Carbon Foam Electrode with Graphite Rod, 100 ppi, 1.0 cm x 1.0 cm x 2.0 cm

Pyrolytic Graphite

Part Number Description
 EF-1368  Edge Plane Pyrolytic Graphite – 3.0 mm diameter


Part Number Description
MF-2110 Copper Electrode (Cu) – 3.0 mm diameter


Part Number Description
MF-2016 Nickel Electrode (Ni) – 3.0 mm diameter (2.997mm-2.972mm), 99.90% purity


Part Number Description
MF-2018 Palladium Electrode (Pd) – 3.0 mm diameter (3mm-2.975mm) 99.99% purity


Part Number Description
MF-2011 Silver Electrode (Ag) – 1.6 mm diameter (1.588mm-1.562mm), 99.95% purity
MF-2111 Silver Electrode (Ag) – 3.0 mm diameter

Working Electrode Holder

Part Number Description
MF-2024 Working Electrode Holder (Cu alligator clip)

Custom Electrodes

Part Number Description
Inquire Custom Voltammetry Electrodes: (Al, Ir, Ti, Ta, etc.)