Elektrody pracujące do elektrolizy wyczerpującej

A bulk electrolysis experiment (controlled potential coulometry) requires large surface area working electrodes in order to increase the rate of electrolysis. BASi® offers two such electrodes, a reticulated vitreous carbon (RVC) electrode and a platinum gauze electrode.

The RVC electrode is the standard working electrode for the BASi® Bulk Electrolysis Cell. It is a cylinder 50 mm high, 40 mm diameter, and 5 mm thick (RVC surface area is 10.5 cm2/cm2). The platinum gauze electrode is a special order option, and can also be used with the Bulk Electrolysis Cell. It is a cylinder 50 mm high and 39 mm diameter with a 50 mm connecting wire. Note that the platinum gauze contains 5-10% of another material (Ruthenium or Iridium) for added strength.


MF-2077   Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Electrode

NM-D001   Platinum gauze (90/10 platinum/iridium alloy) outer electrode. Dimensions: 50.0 mm height, 38.0 mm diameter, 16.0 g weight

NM-D002  Platinum gauze (90/10 platinum/iridium alloy) inner electrode. Dimensions: 40.0 mm height, 32.0 mm diameter, 14.0 g weight

MW-4132   Platinum mesh electrode. 2.0 cm x 2.0 cm , 0.1 mm wire diameter, 99.9% purity