Cela z płaszczem wodnym do analizy wyczerpującej

This cell is designed for the complete electrolysis of a solution species. Typical uses include determination of the number of electrons transferred per molecule, the absolute amount of an analyte, or electrosynthesis of a small amount (typically milligram quantities) of a new material. The water-jacketed glass cell allows the user to perform electrochemical techniques at controlled and equilibrated temperatures. It also comes with Teflon tubing for purging or blanketing your solution.


Includes: (1 each)
ER-9132 Teflon coated stir bar
MF-2052 RE-5B Ag/AgCl electrode
MW-1033 Coiled Pt wire aux. electrode
MR-1194 100 mL water-jacketed glass cell
MR-1199 BE teflon cell top
MW-1034 Cell top plug
MR-1196 Auxiliary electrode chamber
MR-1198 Auxiliary electrode bushing
MF-2077 RVC working electrode
MF-1035 Teflon tubing 1/16″ OD
MR-1236 O-ring for BE cell aux chamber

Platinum Gauze Electrodes sold separately
NM-D001 Platinum gauze (90/10 platinum/iridium alloy) outer electrode
NM-D002 Platinum gauze (90/10 platinum/iridium alloy) inner electrode

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