857 Redox Flow Cell Test System

The 857 is an Integrated Turn-Key Test System for Redox Flow Cell Research & Development. It boasts a 20 A current range as well as a multi-range potentiostat for high accuracy. Included with the system is the powerful, user friendly FlowCell software for system operation & experimentation.

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  • 0.07 A, 0.7 A, 7 A, 20 A current ranges
  • High-current, multi-range potentiostat operates in current- or voltage-controlled operation
  • ± 5 V operation for non-aqueous electrolytes
  • Charge / discharge cycling & performance characterization
  • Four reservoir sizes- 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1 L
  • Whole and half-cell voltage, EIS and HFR measurement
  • Impedance Analyzer for EIS and HFR measurements during charge, discharge and at OCV
  • High-impedance V-sense inputs for whole and half-cell measurements including EIS & HFR
  • State-of-charge (SOC) voltage inputs for DC SOC measurement when used with SOC cell
  • All non-metallic electrolyte handling system: pumps, electrolyte reservoirs, drain and purge valves
  • Cell and electrolyte temperature control up to 50 oC
  • Peristaltic pumps with variable flow control including forward and reverse
  • Electrolyte shielding with inert gas purge blanket
  • Electrolyte reservoir stirring

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