855 SOFC Test System

The 855 SOFC Test system is an integrated, turn-key Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test System. This unit has a zero volt capability for lower measurement range.  The 855 SOFC system is known for it’s high performance and accuracy.

FuelCell® Software and Experimental Methods Manual are included. Optional Impedance Spectroscopy & HFR.


  • Suitable for Button Cells and Planar Cells
  • Multi Range Electronic load 5/25/50 A, 100 W, 20 V
  • FuelCell® software for user-friendly computer controlled cell operation & experimentation
  • Stainless Steel Anode humidifier with Bypass Valve and auto waterfill
  • Up to five mass flow controllers available
  • Includes Furnace Control hardware with redundant over-temperature protection
  • Constant or stoichiometric-controlled reactant flow rate
  • Zero Volt Capability
  • Current, voltage or power control mode
  • Continuous real time cell resistance and IR-free voltage measurement by Current Interrupt
  • Whole cell voltage plus two high-impedance reference inputs for half-cell data
  • Cell main terminals & sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
  • Safety features include detection of alarm conditions and automatic hardware shutdown for safe, reliable operation

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