Culex Automated Blood Sampling


The Culex®NxT Automated In Vivo Sampling System was developed by BASi to collect pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data. The system is used worldwide at pharmaceutical development companies, universities, and contract research organizations. The Culex®NxT with Raturn®; can automatically collect blood, bile, metabolites, dialysates and more from awake and freely moving animals as small as mice and as large as swine.

The Culex®NxT ABC

The Culex®NxT ABC units make simple blood collection easy and reliable. The Culex®NxT ABC and Culex-L ABC provide user-friendly software, consistent and reliable hardware, and the customer service that you’ve come to rely on.  Automatically collect the whole blood samples you need, anytime day or night.

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Empis Automated Dosing

The Empis Automated Drug Infusion system is an automated dosing device that can be used alone or in conjunction with the Culex Automated In Vivo Sampling System.  The Empis can be used in several capacities including drug delivery, perfusion device, and automated bile collection.

  • Steady-state infusion
  • Pump refills automatically for long-term infusions and in vivo microdialysis
  • Program drug-drug interaction studies and link them to PK/PD data
  • Utilize P450 induction
  • Hands-off dosing via IV, gastric or duodenal catheters
  • Drive 4 Empis modules (12 controlled syringes) from a single Windows program
  • No liquid swivels required
  • Delivers fluids automatically from three syringes and reservoirs to a single implanted catheter
  • Supports multiple protocols
  • Automatically coordinate dosing and blood sampling protocols
    • Repeat dosing from one or two syringes
    • Continuous infusion with bolus loading dose
    • Synergistic dosing
    • Microdialysis

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Microdialysis and Ultrafiltration Products


Biosensors enable the monitoring of real-time changes in CNS neurochemical concentrations. Users may record and analyze second-by-second concentration changes of neurochemicals in the brains of freely-moving animals.

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