PalmSens3 is a battery-powered and handheld potentiostat/galvanostat which allows the application of most of the relevant voltammetric and amperometric techniques, as well as impedance analysis (EIS).

dc-potential range

± 5.000 V

compliance voltage

± 8.0V

maximum current

± 30 mA (typical)

frequency range

100 µHz to 50 kHz

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EmStat3 i 3+

The EmStat instrument series are the smallest electrochemical interfaces available on the market. The devices are general purpose potentiostats but are also highly suitable for embedded use in applications.

EmStat version



dc-potential range

± 3.000 V

± 4.000 V

compliance voltage

± 5 V

± 8 V

maximum current

± 20 mA typical
and ± 15 mA minimum

± 100 mA typical

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EmStat3 i  3+ Blue

EmStat is a very popular, small, research grade, economical potentiostat, suitable for OEM purposes and it shows its ability to adapt in our newest instrument: The EmStat Blue with its integrated Bluetooth is perfect for wireless applications or convenient control via PStouch. The EmStat Blue is able to perform all the techniques the EmStat3 and 3+ are capable of.


EmStat Blue


6.7 x 5.0 x 2.8 cm

10.0 x 6.0 x 3.4 cm


85 g

250 g






USB + Bluetooth

auxiliary port



sensor connector



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MultiEmStat3 i 3+

The MultiEmStat potentiostats are designed for the most demanding users who want quality and high productivity without compromising on cost. They are a versatile multi potentiostat with 4, 8 or 12 independent EmStat potentiostats.

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The EmStatMUX8 and EmStatMUX16 combine the power and size of the EmStat range, with a multiplexer to form an integrated system capable of most of the relevant electroanalytical techniques.

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EmStat3 4WE

A polypotentiostat with 4 working electrodes, that makes parallel measuring of multiple electrodes in one electrochemical cell possible.

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Zestawy edukacyjne PalmSens

The PalmSens Educational Kit it is designed as the foundation for an electrochemistry course, lab class or similar teaching events.

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