Available to purchase directly from Scribner Associates for US and Canada.  For all other locations, please contact your local Representative.

ZView® software from Scribner Associates offers best-in-class equivalent circuit modeling. Fit common circuits instantly, generate publication-quality graphs quickly. ZView® integrates easily with Scribner measurement software, and supports testing hardware from Solartron, PAR, and others. Increase your data processing efficiency quickly and easily with ZView®. Use ZView® to get the most out of your instruments and data. Foreground-background operation of ZView® results in maximum throughput analysis of your data. Easy to use menus and on-line help direct you to the most powerful EIS tools available.

ZView®. for Windows is one of the most powerful and flexible software tools for control of Scribner Associates Inc. and Solartron Analytical frequency response analyzers. The widest variety of experimental techniques are supported for all types of impedance applications. Direct links are provided to CorrWare® and several types of multiplexers, as well as external programs.

ZView® is the world’s leading software for graphing and analysis of impedance data. License required. A list of compatible data file types can be found here.


  • Powerful equivalent circuit modeling
  • Instant fitting with common circuits
  • Data processing & graphing
  • Batch file processing
  • Kramers-Kronig (K-K) testing
  • Modify data for area-normalization, component subtraction or addition
  • Generate publication-quality graphs on a variety of axes
  • Analyze and fit data using built-in or user-defined Equivalent Circuit Models
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
  • Collect data in the background while analyzing in the foreground
  • Analyze and graph data on multiple computers – analyze data in your office while performing measurements in the lab
  • Analysis methods include enhanced circuit modeling (see Walking Tour)
  • 2-D and 3-D display and printing with a wide range of axes
  • Can be used with CorrWare® for Windows for integrated DC and AC experiments
  • Uses multiplexers to perform experiments on multiple cells without user intervention.
  • On line Windows help and long term technical support
  • USB licensing dongle

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