Cela elektrochemiczna o małej objętości z płaszczem wodnym

Most common cells for electrochemical analysis require sample volumes of 5-10 mL, but when rare or expensive materials are studied, a lower volume is desirable. This water-jacketed low volume sample cell is available as an option for the C-3 Cell Stand*. It holds a minimum cell volume of 200 µL. The sample tube accommodates standard BASi® voltammetry electrodes. It also allows a 1/16″ Teflon tube to be inserted adjacent to the working electrode so that nitrogen can be blanketed over the sample to exclude oxygen.

*This cell is designed for use with a C-3 Cell Stand. The cell arm of the C-3 is required to secure this cell top.


Cell kit includes:
MR-3848– C-3 low volume cell top (1)
MF-2031 – Replacement chamber for low volume cell kit (1)
MR-1236 – O-ring for BE cell auxiliary chamber & CGME valve (1)
MW-4130 – Platinum wire auxiliary electrode (1)
MR-1212 – Water jacketed glass cell vial (1)
MW-1034 – Cell top plug (2)
MF-2052 – Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) reference electrode (1)
MF-2064 – Replacement CoralPor® for reference electrode (1 PK)