Wieczka do cel pomiarowych BASi


C3, CGME, RDE-2 Cell Vial Tops and Bulk Electrolysis Cell Vial Tops (50 mm diameter)

VC-2 and MCA Cell Vial Tops and C1A, C1B, and C2 Cell Vial Tops (25 mm diameter)

MR-3818    Teflon cell top for C-3 Cell Stand and CGME (MR-1208,MF-1084 & MR-1212)
ER-8946 PCTFE cell top for MF-1082 and MR-3770- DISCONTINUED 4/27/17 Replacement  MR-3818
MS-1081 PCTFE cell top bushing for voltammetric microelectrodes
MR-3750 Teflon cell to for C-2 Cell Stand Low Volume Cell (MF-1082) – DISCONTINUED 4/27/17 Replacement MR-3839
MR-3839 Teflon cell top for RDE-2 (MR-1208,MF-1084 & MR-1212)