Redox Flow Cell Test Fixture

Scribner’s Redox Flow Cell Test Fixture is specifically designed for use with our Redox Flow Cell Test System.  All non-metallic flow paths are made with non-corrosive, chemically resistant plastics only!  We offer multiple assembly configurations to allow for various gap, electrode type, and thickness.

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  • Cell fixture specifically designed for use with the Scribner Redox Flow Cell Test System
  • Cell area from 5 to 25 cm2
  • All non-metallic flow paths made with noncorrosive, chemically resistant plastics only
  • 115 V or 230 V cell heaters
  • Operating temperature up to 120o C
  • SGL Carbon SIGRACELL® graphite felt
  • PTFE (Teflon®) flow frames
  • Ultra-high purity, sealed POCO graphite flow fields with precision machined serpentine or interdigitated flow pattern custom flow patterns available)
  • Custom flow patterns available
  • Gold-plated copper current collectors
  • Anodized aluminum end plates with reactant input/output ports, Swagelok fittings, cartridge heaters & thermocouple well
  • Gaskets, gasket templates and additional hardware such as bolts, washers, fittings and O-rings

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