RDE-2 Rotating Disk Electrode


The BASi® RDE-2 is a rotator system for both fixed rotation rate and hydrodynamic modulation rotating disk electrochemical experiments. The short titanium shaft and 1/4″ diameter electrode provide for an extremely low-inertia system capable of rotation rates from 50 to 10,000 RPM at better than 1% accuracy. The rotator unit is manually raised and lowered, and can be inverted for spin-coating. Rotation and built-in gas purging functions can be controlled remotely using a BASi® PC-controlled potentiostat, or manually.

The built-in gas control allows purging or blanketing of the sample prior to or during analysis. The cell arm with detachable cell top allows easy access to the electrodes for rinsing and cleaning, and the cell top is also compatible with BASi® voltammetry working electrodes. Electrodes are easily interchangeable, and the cell vial base pivots for easy removal and replacement of the cell vial.


  • Remote control of stirring and gas purging by BASi® PC-controlled potentiostats
  • Manual control when used with other potentiostats
  • Small sample volume (10 – 15 mL)
  • Optional water-jacketed cell vials
  • Standard addition port
  • „Quick-connect” input gas line connector
  • Mounted cell top compatible with BASi® stationary voltammetry electrodes
  • Easy and rapid exchange of electrodes
  • Low-noise electrode contact
  • Excellent rotation speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Standard package
    • Cell stand with gas purge capabilities
    • Glassy carbon working electrode
    • 3 Ag/AgCl reference electrodes (+ storage vial)
    • Platinum coil auxiliary electrode
    • PK-4 working electrode polishing kit
    • Cell vials
    • Gas line tubing


Rotation Range:
50 – 10,000 RPM
<2% @ <1% @ >1000 RPM
12V, ironless core, low inertia DC servo
Screw Terminal :
(back panel)
Speed In – 1000 RPM/1V
Speed Out – 1V/1000 RPM
Rotate – TTL or RELAY closure
Purge – TTL or RELAY closure
Inlet Gas Pressure:
5 psi
Main Fuse:
4.0 A Slow-Blow 250 V
100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
16.5″ H x 7″ W x 9″ D (42 x 18 x 23 cm)
12 lb (26.5 kg)

Ordering Information

EF-1100 RDE-2 Rotating Disk Electrode, complete
MF-2052 RE-5B Reference Electrode, 1 ea.
MF-2079 RE-5B Reference Electrode, 3/pkg.
MR-1208 Cell Vials, 12/pkg.
MR-1205 Teflon Cell Vial
MR-1212 Water-Jacketed RDE Cell, 1 ea.
MF-2066 Glassy Carbon RDE Tip (3 mm dia.)
MF-2067 Platinum RDE Tip (3 mm dia.)
MF-2068 Gold RDE Tip (3 mm dia.)
MF-2065 Cell part – blank RDE tip with 3 mm diameter cavity
MW-1033 Coiled Platinum Auxiliary Electrode, 23 cm
MF-2060 PK-4 Polishing kit
MR-3839 RDE-2 Cell Top
MW-2130 Replacement Shaft Assembly
MR-3109 RDE Shaft Bearing
MR-4404 Gas Inlet Barb Fitting
EW-4366 Replacement Gas Solenoid Assembly
MW-2450 Replacement Brush Block Assembly