Elektrody kalomelowe

This reference electrode comes in kit form and requires user preparation. The kit includes a glass electrode body in the „H ” design with a porous CoralPor™ frit and a platinum wire electrode lead. Vials containing saturated KCl solution and calomel paste are provided (please note that mercury is NOT provided, and must be obtained from an alternative source). An instruction sheet illustrates assembly. The user will need glass pipettes, a pipette bulb, and clean mercury for assembly. Once assembled, the electrode must be maintained in a stable, upright position, with the CoralPor™ tip continuously wetted. The electrode should be stored with the tip immersed in a saturated KCl solution.


 MF-2055      Calomel Reference Electrode Kit
 MF-2064  Porous CoralPor™ Tips 1/8″ long (5/pkg.) with 1/2″ lengths of Teflon heat shrink (6/pkg.)
 MW-9070  Potassium Chloride solution – 5 mL
 MW-9072  Calomel Paste – 2.5 g