Educational Kit

The PalmSens Educational Kit it is designed as the foundation for an electrochemistry course, lab class or similar teaching events.


The Educational kit contains:

  • 20x ItalSens Graphite Sensors
  • 20x ItalSens Sensors for Heavy Metals
  • 20x BVT Gold Sensors
  • 1x 2 mm diameter Platinum Working Electrode
  • 1x Ag/AgCl Aqueous Reference Electrode
  • 1x Platinum Wire Counter Electrode
  • 1x Electrode Polishing Kit, teflon cap, stand, clamp, moffel, beaker
  • 1x Teacher’s guide and Student manual
  • 1x Magnetic stirrer including switchbox
  • 1x Sensor connector for screen printed electrodes
  • The educational kit is delivered in combination with one of our potentiostats- PalmSens4 or EmStat3 Blue
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PalmSens BV offers economical potentiostats that show research grade quality and capability. This makes our EmStat Series very suitable for teaching courses. The compact format of the EmStat also allows having multiple workstations even in very confined course rooms.

We combined our potentiostat with the necessary equipment and electrodes for a series of educational electrochemical experiments. To make sure that the instructor and students have the essential theoretical background for the experiments, we deliver a detailed teachers guide and a student manual with the kit. The guide and the manual contain a general introduction to potentiostats, common electrodes and for each experiment a motivation, theoretical background and the instructions for the experiment. This is followed by expected results and additional information.

Educational Kit – strona producenta


  • Copper and Nickel Deposition
  • The Cottrell Experiment
  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Detection of Multiple Heavy Metals by Stripping Voltammetry
  • Glucose Biosensor
  • Prussian Blue Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor