Cela BASi o małej objętości do stendu C-3

Most common cells for electrochemical analysis require sample volumes of 5-10 mL, but when rare or expensive materials are studied, a lower volume is desirable. A low-volume sample cell is available as an option for the C-3 Cell Stand.* It holds a minimum cell volume of 200 µL. The sample tube accommodates standard BASi® voltammetry electrodes. It also allows a 1/16″ Teflon tube to be inserted adjacent to the working electrode so that nitrogen can be blanketed over the sample to exclude oxygen. The normal C-3 auxiliary electrode may be placed in the supporting electrolyte via the cell plug port. This will suffice when the solution is very conductive and the generated current is low. The porous CoralPorTM frit at the end of the sample chamber may introduce significant iR drop, particularly with organic solvents or high current. In these instances, we recommend that the auxiliary electrode be placed within the working electrode compartment as shown.

The porous CoralPorTM frit in the sample compartment is shipped dry and must be soaked in the supporting electrolyte solution for at least one hour prior to use. This procedure will ensure that the frit is fully wetted and has low resistance. The frit cannot be allowed to dry out once wetted. It should be stored in supporting electrolyte solution between experiments. If it does dry, it can be replaced (MF-2064).

*Use this cell only with a C-3 Cell Stand. The cell arm of the C-3 is required to secure this cell top.


Low Volume Cell Kit

Part Number Description
C-3 Cell – Low Volume Cell Kit:
Low volume glass vial (MR-1210)
Cell top (MR-3848)
Low volume sample chamber (MF-2031)
Replacement frits with heat shrink (MF-2064)
O-ring for low volume sample chamber (MR-1236)
Ag/AgCl reference electrode (MF-2052)
Platinum wire auxiliary electrode (MW-4130)
Port plugs (2) (MW-1034)

Low Volume Cell Components

Part Number Description
MF-2031 Replacement sample chamber for low-volume cell kit
MR-1236 O-ring
MF-2064 Replacement CoralPor(TM) tips with Teflon heat shrink tubing
MR-3848 C3 Teflon top for low-volume cell
MW-4130 Platinum wire auxiliary electrode

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