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Lista dostępnych modułów i dodatków oraz ich kompatybilność z urządzeniami firmy Ivium.


The IviumBoost series of instruments are power boosters that have been designed to increase the potential and/or current of Ivium potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRAs. The booster is connected in front of the P/G in-line with the cell cable. The operation is fully integrated in the IviumSoft.

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CompactStat.e power booster

To increase the power of the CompactStat.e an optional power booster can be integrated inside the housing of the CompactStat.e. This power booster can be ordered ex-factory, or when the need arises, at a later time.

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The Plus-module increases the power of the CompactStat. It connects in front of the CompactStat in-line with the cell cable, both together forming the CompactStatPlus. So, in order to operate a Plus-module a CompactStat is needed.

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The MultiWE32 is a multi-potentiostat module that controls up to 32 WE’s simultaneously vs. 1 CE and 1 RE! It is designed especially for applications with low power/current requirements, such as nanotechnology, sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology, medical research, etc.

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True Linear Scan (LinScan)

The True Linear Scan is a hardware option that applies a smooth analog ramp, instead of the standard staircase sweep. This hardware configuration is available on all IviumStats and CompactStats and can be fitted retrospectively via a software-key upgrade.

The True Linear Scan option is designed to be used in those cases where the nature and speed of the electrochemical reaction processes lead to information loss when a standard digital staircase signal is applied (fast transient behaviour, absorption, α-characteristics).

The Software parameters and scanlimits are identical to the standard staicase technique. Specific parameters:

● Scan range ±2 V, 0.125 mV resolution
● Scanrate 1 μV/s – 10.000 V/s
● Available in the techniques: LSV and CV

BipotentioStat (BiStat)

The bipotentiostat (BiStat) is a hardware option that enables a second working electrode (WE2) with programmable potential offset wrt RE or WE1. It is used for various applications, including rotating ring disc electrode (RRDE) measurements. The bipotentiostat is fully integrated in the potentiostatic Sweep and Transient methods. Its data is recorded simultaneously with the primary channel and can be represented in the same plot using a secondary axis, or in a separate plot.

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The Ivium Technologies electrochemical multiplexer can work individual cells with 2, 3 and 4 electrodes and a WE2 (BipotentioStat, optional). Each multiplexer has 8 channels and the multiplexer units can be stacked so that up to 64 channels can be controlled sequentially by a single potentiostat.

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Peripheral Port Expander

The Peripheral Port Expander (PPE) is a connection box with 32 banana sockets (4mm) for easy connection to the various analog and digital inputs&outputs that are available in each Ivium potentiostat. The banana sockets are colour coded for easy recognition and include a
5 V, max. 100 mA power point. A DB37-data cable connects the PPE to the potentiostat.

PPE technical specifications

Peripheral Differential Amplifier

The Peripheral Differential Amplifier (PDA) module allows the simultaneous recording of differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages, such as reference or pH meters. The PDA has 8 differential input channels, and it is stackable up to units with a total of 64 channels.

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The mPDA, or miniPDA, is a 2 channel version of the Peripheral Differential Amplifier (PDA). It has 2 analog inputs for simultaneous recording of differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages, such as reference or pH meters. The mPDA is integrated in a cable that connects directly to the peripheral port.

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ModuLight module

The ModuLight-module is a programmable light source that has been specifically designed to investigate photo-electrical devices, such as solar cells. The add-on module will operate in combination with the IviumStat and CompactStat, through the peripheral I/O-port.

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The Ivium Technologies IviSUN is a programmable light source designed to be capable of a light intensity equal to the 1 sun standard, i.e. 1,000 W/m2. Its light intensity can be fixed manually, or modulated using the FRA output of your Ivium potentiostat.

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