890ZV SOFC Test Load

The bench-top Model 890ZV consists of a programmable electronic load, fuel and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions. A built-in power source makes the 890ZV particularly well suited for small single-cell SOFC work for research, laboratory, and educational use.

The 890ZV is optimized for cost and size, and offers extra hardware features and Scribner Associates’ FuelCell® software.

The 890ZV is typically used with a SOFC fuel cell, a suitable furnace, and a fuel management unit. The 890 Series is supported by the Scribner 885 Integrated Fuel Cell Potentiostat.


  • Electronic load with two current ranges: 5 / 25 A, 10 V, 50 W
  • Ramping cell/furnace temperature control
  • Control signals for two (2) main mass flow controllers plus five (5) additional mass flow controllers
  • Continuous real-time cell resistance and IR-free voltage measurement by current interrupt
  • Whole cell voltage plus two high-impedance reference electrode inputs for half-cell data
  • Optional internal impedance analyzer for EIS and continuous real-time high frequency resistance (HFR)
  • Cell main terminals and sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
  • Three (3) internal controllers for anode and cathode humidifier and cell temperatures
  • Current, voltage or power control mode
  • Contact inputs for three pressure sensors or alarms
  • Low voltage output signal to control purge gas valves and to indicate alarm condition
  • RS485 digital interface for supported external devices
  • The 890ZV requires a custom or third-party fuel management unit to make a complete test station.
  • Safety features include detection of alarm conditions and automatic hardware shutdown for safe, reliable operation

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