The “MBR” style microdialysis probe is primarily intended for use for mouse brain microdialysis or adjacent multiple rat brain implants. It can be used for other applications also. MBR probes are available with two different cannula lengths, each of which has two different membrane lengths. The cannula lengths are optimized to reach anywhere in the mouse or rat brain.  Custom membrane and cannula lengths are available.

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Part Number MD-2211: MBR-1-5
MD-2212: MBR-2-5
MD-2232: MBR-2-10
MD-2234: MBR-4-10 
Cannula Coated fused silica


Probe Volume MBR1-5: 7.9 µL (due to user protective elongated I/O tubing –See “Use”)
MBR 2-5: 8.0 µL (due to user protective elongated I/O tubing –See “Use”)
MBR 2-10: 3.5 µL
MBR 4-10: 3.6 µL 
Use MBR 5 microdialysis probes are small and lightweight to accommodate a fragile mouse skull.  Can reach anywhere in a mouse brain, or can be used for dorsal rat brain sampling. Use with MBR-5 Guide Cannulae.


MBR 10 microdialysis probes are suitable for ventral implants in rats or for multiple implant sites. Use with MBR-10 Guide Cannulae.


MBR microdialysis probes can be implanted as close as 2.5 mm on center without a guide or 3.2 mm on center with a guide. The probes have elongated inlet/outlet tubing to keep fingers further away from fast, sharp mouse teeth when connecting tubing.


Membrane Cellulosic. 38 KDa MWCO, 220 µm OD

Ask us about customized probes.







OD 220 µm ID 180 µm
Cannula Diameter


OD 350 µm
Cannula length when in guide


5 or 10 mm
Cannula length without guide


7 or 12 mm
Head Diameter


OD 3.2 mm
Tubing Inlet/Outlet and Height


OD 635 µm
MBR x-5 probes: ~5 cm tall
MBR x-10 probes: ~2 cm tall 

“MBR” style Brain Microdialysis Probes